Huggiesdrynites bed mats

Huggiesdrynites bed mats

Huggies drynites bed mats 1

Drynites bed mats by Huggies is the ideal solution for children who only occasionally wet the bed or just to have the peace of mind and safety net incase the worst does happen. The mats provide an ideal solution to bed wetting and ensure a comfortable night of sleep for your child.fresh fingers

Bedwetting is actually more common than you may think with roughly 10% of children aged 4 to 15 wetting the bed during these ages. Even though most of these children will eventually learn and grow out of wetting the bed during this time it can be very stressful and uncomfortable for you and your child. Huggiesdrynites helps your child feel safe and more importantly at ease in bed if they do wet the bed. It also provides a level of security which can help prevent bed wetting as it can have a positive psychological impact on your child.bliss hair

Huggiesdrynites bed mats come with a stick and stay device which ensures undercover yet effective protection against bed wetting. It comes with a waterproof backing which is extremely absorbent to fluids. The best part of the huggiesdrynites bed mats is its peel off adhesive backing which can be safely and securely applied to the mattress. This adhesive locking system keeps the bed mat in place overnight and you can be rest assured it will not move or come off during the night.

To apply the bed mat to your mattress all you have to do is simply remove from the packaging and peel back the adhesive backing on the bed mat. You then can easily place the bed mat onto the correct location on your mattress. Once it is securely applied to your mattress it is ready to provide a long lasting protection against bed wetting and it will ensure your mattress remains in pristine condition.

Huggiesdrynites bed mats come in a pack of 7 and are available from all leading supermarkets as well as well stocked pharmacies. The cost of a pack of huggiesdrynites bed mats ranges in the region of £3 to £4 depending on where you shop.

Huggies drynites bed mats 2

If you are looking for a solution to keep your mattress in good condition while helping your child through their bed wetting then huggiesdrynites bed mats are the ideal solution for you. They provide an easy, cheap and effective method to deal with bed wetting.