Start Your Own Life's Abundance Pet

Start Your Own Life's Abundance Pet

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Start Your Own Life''s Abundance Pet
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Solid Company - In business for 15 years with NO RECALLS.

Fresh Food
- Food shipped to your door or your client''s door generally within 4-6 weeks of being made.
Great Selections Of Products - Food, treats, supplements and pet care products formulated by holistic vet, Dr Jane Bicks.
Ease Of Engagement - It''s easy to talk to people about their pets.
Low Start Up Fees - Packages start at $29.95 to start your own business.
Creates An Ongoing Income - You get paid on every order (Other companies give coupons or samples as a thank you to you for giving them a life long customer who orders month after month, year after year. We pay you bonuses and commissions month after month, year after year!).

No Additional Expense - No requirement for any minimum monthly purchase by independent reps, but you get wholesale pricing for anything you do decide to purchase.

Ease Of Operation - The company handles all the inventory, shipping, payment collection, and sales tax.

Easy Customer Access - A professional website provided by the company, coded to you, where your customers can order and an 800 number they can call to order.

No Restrictions On Territory - Everywhere in the United States is open to you.

No Special Skills Needed - All it takes is a phone, a computer, a cheerful attitude and willingness to grow a business.

We joined Life''s Abundance to offer our clients safe, never recalled, natural dog and cat food, treats, supplements and pet care products. Join our team today by Clicking Here. If you have any questions please don''t hesitate to contact us.