Ann Carni

Hi Ann here,

Now I just want to say whenever there’s a wedding everyone wants to look their most elegant, beautiful or handsome. For the bride-to-be she has dreamed of this day since she was a little girl. She has visualised every little detail on her wedding dress, veil, shoes, flowers, hair style, cake and the bridesmaid dresses. For weeks ahead of the big event most women guests start looking at fashion magazines for ideas and tips for inspiration on the perfect outfit to wear. The weekly shopping trips to various malls all over a 100 kilometer radius is likely and I admit I’m guilty of this. And so you are armed with a few outfits over your arm, you toddle off to the fitting room for that all important decision.titan gel

But you’re struggling too squeeze into any of the outfits and ask yourself ” Must have the wrong sizing and why are fitting rooms so unflattering ? “.kankusta duo controindicazioni

You realise that not one of your chosen outfits is going to fit you and isn’t the wrong sizing, you have put on weight.cistus plus beoordelingen

The Happy Couple

You thought it would be the perfect size and you gasp with horror at how much weight you have gained. Reality hits you, the bears haven’t been the only ones hibernating through-out Winter. Admittedly you should have exercised more and not lounged around the couch so much. Not to mention all the Winter puddings and fattening foods and drinks you consumed for comfort eating and warmth.starker haarausfall was tun

You have a lot of weight to shed and so you start exercising frantically or worse you buy one of the latest, quick fast diet shakes or pills. Sure you will lose the weight fast and you might fit into that gorgeous dress in time. But what about after the wedding when you start eating like you have done in the past. All those lbs/ kilos you have lost is going to come back on again and some more. I know because I have been where you’re at right now, with a weight problem, depressed and so miserable.

If you have weight issues and you really want to lose weight, then I have found the answer to help solve your problem. Decide and Start a healthy and nutritious weight loss plan today, that will last a life time. No gimmicks, no diet shakes, no magic pills, no sign up fees at the gym , no gruelling exercises. It’s so simple because I have done it and keep the weight off for over 2 years and others have great success stories.

By starting right now, today you can have the body you so much desire, don’t leave it to someday, because someday is not a day on the calender.Visulise yourself walking into any room looking healthier, slimmer and more confident. A journey begins with one single step so make that step in the right direction and claim 2012 your best year yet.

The Wedding Cake