Who's Spicing-up the Cabbage Soup Diet?

Who's Spicing-up the Cabbage Soup Diet?

While the contents of a cabbage soup diet are known to help with fast weight loss, it is possible that cabbage soup also has the ability to help with the prevention of cancer. Cabbage is one of several vegetables that contain phytochemicals. Those substances have the ability to prevent the development of malignant tumors. Apparently a diet of cabbage soup can do much more than just assist with the achievement of a rapid weight loss.
More than forty years ago a student at one Pennsylvania high school decided to put herself on a soup diet. Every day she would save money and cut-back on her calorie consumption by eating only soup and milk at lunchtime. It would be interesting to know if that same woman later decided to try the cabbage soup diet.revo muscle

That woman undoubtedly could have handled the bland taste of the main food in a cabbage soup diet. She might even have preferred a cabbage soup diet to the diet that she had used while in high school. After all, in her own home, that woman could have easily added some spice to any of the cabbage soup that she had prepared.drivelan

The out-of-the-ordinary diet used by that high school student did not represent the most extreme diet used by students in that same high school. At least one of the boys on the wrestling team used an even more extreme diet. He would limit his intake to less than 1000 calories per day. He did that so that he could avoid wrestling with boys in a higher weight class.

Many of the boys on that wrestling team had to loose some weight in the 24 to 48 hours right before a big wrestling match. Their desire for a sudden weight loss mirrored the desire of many people who try the cabbage soup diet. In fact pursuit of a cabbage soup diet is a sure-fire way to loose weight in a hurry. Still, pursuit of a cabbage soup diet would not be the ideal way for a wrestler to loose weight.

Someone who tries to loose weight by going on a cabbage soup diet must consume a great deal of liquid. That liquid fills the body with water. That water makes the body weigh more. Loss of water is a goal sought by a wrestler intent on loosing weight in a hurry. Loss of water could not be achieved by anyone on a cabbage soup diet.

Perhaps the cabbage soup diet could be used by a wrestler intent on gaining weight prior to a weigh-in. Yet the eating of cabbage soup would certainly not be the most pleasant way to gain weight. A better way might be the method used by one of the wrestlers at that same Pennsylvania high school.

On one Friday afternoon, the entire team went out for lunch prior to a match. Most of the team members had completed the weigh-in, but not the boy who was supposed to wrestle in the heaviest weight class. That wrestler needed to put on a couple pounds, and he needed to do it in a hurry.

That wrestler succeeded in gaining the needed weight, but he did not do it by eating any dish from a cabbage soup diet. Instead that wrestler ate a lot of Big Macs. The ingestion of those fatty burgers allowed that wrestler to qualify as a wrestler in the heaviest weight class.

At the end of the season, those same wrestlers pursued a different sort of diet. They sought-out a diet the bore no resemblance to a cabbage soup diet. They chose to have dinner one night at a local smorgasbord. They then proceeded to eat as much as they possibly could. One of the wrestlers on the team ate so much that he got sick, and he actually brought-up much of what he had eaten. That crazy wrestler then returned to the smorgasbord table and ate some more food.

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