Junking the junk foods

Junking the junk foods

Junking the junk foods
Posted by: Ria Brillante on July 9, 2013 in Fitness, News Leave a comment

There are a number of people who really get addicted to junk foods. Who would not give in to the palatable taste of junk foods which makes our taste buds craving for more? This is the reason why guarding our health against diseases becomes a difficult endeavor. Cutting your intake of junk foods is not an easy task and so here are tips that can help you in the process of junking the junk foods:hammer of thor composition

1. Color attracts

One of the reasons why we get impulsive on buying junk foods is that their food presentation is very appealing. Junk foods that are labeled with pastel colors entice the appetites and so we tend to give in to this marketing strategy. We munch on foods that look good for our senses. In order to avoid giving in to these things, you need to make it a habit to purchase fruits and vegetables first before passing at the junk food section. In this way, you’ll prioritize the pleasing appearance of healthy foods over the junk foods.

2. Cut the monotony

It helps to have a food journal where you can write in the time and circumstances in which you eat more foods. Some people tend to binge at 3 pm and so once you know this, you can work on breaking this habit. When the clock strikes 3pm, you can keep yourself away from vending machines and do something more productive instead. You can make 3 pm your exercise time rather than your eating time.

3. Pack on healthy goodies

People have a tendency to grab for junk foods whenever they feel hungry and they do not have any food to pick. If you plan your diet and bring your own pack of healthy foods in your office, you can get rid of junk foods in your system. It always pays to be well-prepared in times of hunger. This is one thing that you have to include in your weight loss plans.