My Tip for This Week: Many Reasons to Lose Weight  Stories on Health

My Tip for This Week: Many Reasons to Lose Weight Stories on Health

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My Tip for This Week: Many Reasons to Lose Weight

I struggled with health and weight issues for as long as I could remember. From being picked on by other kids on the playground to dirty looks from people at the supermarket, I always felt guilt and shame when it came to eating food.

It didn’t help when I gained some weight when I began insulin therapy for my diabetes. My doctor told me that it is normal for your metabolism to slow once your blood sugars come under control. And now I know from experience that it can be a cruel cycle: more weight can increase my insulin resistance, which may therefore increase my need for medication. So I’ve started a diet that maintains my blood sugar better.

Being on a weight loss plan is a good idea for every reason I can think of. I’ve lost a few pounds so far and am on my way to losing more. I in better health overall, have more energy, sleep better, and I’m not in danger of having to increase my medication. Plus the more weight I lose, the less medication I need in the first place!

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