Potential American Idol Inspires With Love  Healthy Coffee Talk

Potential American Idol Inspires With Love Healthy Coffee Talk

Potential American Idol Inspires With Lovehttp://rhizomes.de/gb/nutrition/Potential+American+Idol+Inspires+With+Love++Healthy+Coffee.html

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I was so touched and moved by this story I just had to share it with you.  My guess is that many of you have seen it or heard about it already but that doesnt make it any less impactful or important.

This life we have is so short and fleeting, this is a wonderful example of the power of love, hope, and genuine support and faith.  This young man is an inspiration and already an Idol in my heart.

May you be inspired, uplifted and full of joy when you see this.  And then, live your life with gratitude and faith.  Because, if this couple can do it, so can we.

Have more inspirational stories?  Wed love to have you share them with us!

Wishing you abundance and joy in all you do!

P.S. Ok now you also know one of my guilt pleasures American Idol yep and this season more than ever I love it!  Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are such genuine spirits and a wonderful positive and surprisingly grounded addition to the show.  Check Steven Tyler out at the end of that video is that someone who connects with human spirit and cares or what?

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This story really touched home for this Healthy Coffee Girl because my husband and I have a similar situation. Four years ago, my husband had traumatic brain injury at work Btw, it was only months after we were married changing our lives forever. Although he is totally disabled from working again, I am fortunate that he is okay.

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