Suggested Books and Websites

Suggested Books and Websites

Below are some books and websites that we have found to be helpful.formexplode цена

Pregnancy and Childbirth:
Balaskas, Janet. Active Birth: The New Approach to Giving Birth
Bing, Elisabeth. Moving Through Pregnancy
Bing, Elisabeth. Six Practical Lessons for an Easier Childbirth
Coleman, Libby. Having a Baby after 30
Conkling, Winifred. Hypnosis for a Joyful Pregnancy and Pain-Free Labor and Delivery
Curtis, Glade and Schuler, Judith. Your Pregnancy
England, Pam and Horowitz, Rob. Birthing From Within: An Extra-Ordinary Guide to Childbirth Preparation
Ewy, Rodger and Donna. Preparation for Childbirth
Gaskin, Ina May. Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth
Gaskin, Ina May. Spiritual Midwifery
Goer, Henci and Wheeler, Rhonda. The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth
Harper-Roght, Jaqulene. The Pregnancy Herbal
Iovine, Vicki. The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy
Jones, Carl. Mind Over Labor
Kitzinger, Sheila. Rediscovering Birth
Korte, Diana. A Good Birth
Leboyer, Frederick. Birth Without Violence
Marshall, Connie. From Here to Maternity
MacDongall, Jane. Pregnancy Week by Week
McCuteon, Susan. Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way
Nilsson, Lennart. A Child is Born
Noble, Elizabeth. Essential Exercises for the Childbearing Year
Odent, Michel. Birth Reborn
Poleakin, Raymond. What You Didn’t Think to Ask Your Obstetrician
Romm, Aviva Jill and Gaskin, Ina May. The Natural Pregnancy Book: Herbs, Nutrition, and Other Holistic Choices
Samuels, Mike and Nancy. The Well Pregnancy Book
Simken, Whalley and Keppler. Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn
Tammy, Katie. Your Second Pregnancy – What to Expect This Time
Very, Thomas and Weintraub, Pamela. Nurturing the Unborn Childman pride forum

Childbirth Connection
ACNM''s My Midwife
Baby Centergermitox

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Connolly, Maureen and Sullivan, Dana. The Essential C-Section Guide
Donavon, Bonnie. The Cesarean Birth Experience
Hausknekt, Richard and Heilman, Joan. Having a Cesarean Baby
Korte, Diana. The VBAC Companion

The International Cesarean Awareness Network
ICAN of Central Ohio

Return to the list of our services For Children and Preparing Children for Birth:
Cole, Joanna. How You Were Born
Kitzinger, Sheila and Nilsson, Lennart. Being Born
Mayle, Peter. Where Did I Come From?
Nillson, Lennart. How Was I Born?
Rodgers, Fred. The New Baby
Scott, Ann. On Mother’s Lap

Return to the list of our services Fathers:
Barron, James. She’s Having a Baby and I’m Having a Breakdown
Bittman, Sam and Zalk, Sue. Expectant Fathers
Canfield, Ken. The 7 Secrets of Effective Fathers – Becoming the Father Your Child Needs
Davis, Ian. My Boys Can Swim!: The Official Guy’s Guide to Pregnancy
Heinowitz, Jack. Pregnant Fathers
Mayle, Peter. How to be a Pregnant Father
Simkin, Penny. The Birth Partner

Return to the list of our services Teen Pregnancy:
Ewy, Donna and Roger. Teen Pregnancy
Lindsay, Jeanne. Pregnant Too Soon: Adoption is an Option
Roles, Patricia. Facing Teen Pregnancy

Return to the list of our services High Risk Pregnancy:
Harrison, Helen. Premature Baby Book: A Parent’s Guide to Coping & Caring in the First Year
Freeman, Roger and Pescar, Susan. Safe Delivery: Protecting Your Baby During a High Risk Pregnancy

Return to the list of our services Breastfeeding:
Eiger, Marvin and Olds, Sally. The Complete Book of Breastfeeding
Gaskin, Ina May. Ina May’s Guide to Breastfeeding
Huggins, Kathleen. The Nursing Mother’s Companion
Kitzinger, Sheila. Breastfeeding Your Baby
Mason, Dianne and Ingersoll, Diane. Breastfeeding and the Working Mother
Sears, Martha and Sears, William. The Breastfeeding Book

La Leche League

Return to the list of our services Dealing With Grief and Loss in Pregnancy:
Borg, Susan and Lasker, Judith. When Pregnancy Fails
Panuthos, Claudia and Romeo, Catherine. Ended Beginning – Healing Childbearing Losses
Pizer, Hank and Palenski, Christine. Coping With Miscarriage

Return to the list of our services Parenthood:
Brazelton, Barry. Working and Caring
Gore, Ariel. The Hip Mama Survival Guide
Kelly, Marguerite. Mother’s Almanac
Lansky, Vicki. Dear Babysitter
Lansky, Vicki. Welcoming Your Second Baby
Sears, Martha and Sears, William. 25 Things Every New Mother Should Know
Sears, Robert. The Vaccine Book
Sears, William. 300 Questions New Parents Ask
Spock, Benjamin and Parker, Steven. Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care
Sullivan, S. Adams. The Father’s Almanac
Thevenin, Tine. The Family Bed: Transition to Parenting

Return to the list of our services Postpartum:
Dix, Carol. The New Mother Syndrome: Coping with Post Partum Stress and Depression
Jones, Carl. After the Baby is Born
Shields, Brooke. Down Came the Rain
Syndal, Larry and Jones, Carol. The New Father Survival Guide

Return to the list of our services Infant and Child Development:
Caplan, Frank. The First Twelve Months of Life
Klaus, Marshall. The Amazing Newborn
Sears, Robert. HappyBaby: The Organic Guide to Baby’s First 24 Months
White, Burton. First Three Years of Life

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