Aroma Therapy In The Work Place

Aroma Therapy In The Work Place

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Aroma Therapy In The Work Place

Employers have recently become interested in using aroma therapy to reduce stress and to increase productivity. Case studies have shown that aroma therapy can help boost immunity to infectious diseases and lift the mood of employees, which in turn increases their ability and willingness to work with more heart.nikotinoff

Many of the products used in aroma therapy have anti-bacterial, anit-fungal, and anti-viral properties. These products make the workplace safer from contagious respiratory diseases, allergies, and other diseases spread through a confined work area through the air ducts. Due to ionizing abilities, some products reduce static electricity created by numerous electrical appliances often found in offices, thereby, reducing the electrical atmosphere which can contribute to stress, moodiness, tension, and aggressive behavior.titan gel

Creating a more pleasant work experience for employees has increasingly become a necessity for businesses. Faced with stress causing factors such as computers, lack of natural sun light, work demands, deadlines, and smells of cleaning chemicals, employers are searching for natural remedies for worker burn out and stress. Aroma therapy provides that natural alternative since it is linked with more positive attitudes in the workplace.flexa plus

Employees may be exhibiting symptoms of needing stress reduction: missing work, complaining of frequent headaches, showing signs of irritability or depression, making mistakes on the job, feeling defensive, angry or tired, or lacking a sense of humor that used to be present. Reducing these symptoms through aroma therapy, offers benefits for both the employee and employer. Employees who work in an aroma therapy environment will be more comfortable, more able to think clearly, and less likely to make mistakes. Employers will notice fewer absences, better morale, and more productivity. Sick days will also be reduced by preventing the spread of contagions causing colds, flu, and similar ailments that may detract from time spent on work.

Aroma therapy is available in a variety of forms that can be chosen to best suit a particular environment. Products such as candles, water bowls, sprays and other methods can be found in most department stores. Specialty stores offer a larger selection of fragrances and methods of dispensing.

Each fragrance will have a unique effect and will be stated on most packaging. Searching online for a particular effect can provide a quick and easy method for choosing the appropriated fragrance. A few of the most common fragrances and their effect are following:

- Frankincense reduces anxiety by centering and stabilizing the mind and body.

- Chamomile soothes and calms to reduces stress, depression, and insomnia.

- Geranium relieves anxiety and mental or physical tension.

- Lavender reduces fear and anger to relax the mind and balance the emotions.

- Marjaram helps to recover from emotional exhaustion, nerves, and insomnia by relaxing the mind and body.

Common Herbs And Some Specific Uses


Also known as Butternut, White Walnut, Lemon Walnut and Oilnut. It influences, with great energy, the liver, small intestines, colon and rectum, causing and increased manufacture and elimination of bile, as well as increased activity of the glands of the intestinal tract.


Use the root to treat fever, stomach ailments, sores, burns, ulcers. Also known to destroy a taste for tobacco!


You probably know this as Marigold. Use the whole flower tops or just the petals. One of the best herbs for treating local skin problems and may be used wherever there is an inflammation on the skin.

California Poppy

Use dried aerial parts. A non-addictive alternative to the Opium Poppy. Used as a sedative for children where there is over-excitability and sleeplessness.