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Reading yesterday’s Observer’s Life &Style Blog, i stumbled upon this article about junk food being most of the time the only option for our children at the theme parks and entertainment centers. The same is available for adults either. Our best intentions to follow a healthy diet are worthless when you have to choose between salty processed snacks, microwaved pizzas or fatty burgers every time when you eat out. As for the drinks they are only varying between regular carbonated drinks or diet.hondrocream

Junk food has become a way of living. Is part of our culture, of our way of thinking just like Hollywood movies and cellphones. We can’t even start to imagine our life without pride επίδραση

This why is so hard to stick with a healthy diet: you have to go upstream! You have to give up not only certain types food, but a whole lifestyle.formexplode σύνθεση

And while everybody encourages a “healthy diet”, nobody really help you to do it. You get the same junk that makes you fat, attack your heart and destroy your metabolism, only with the “healthy” label on it. Doctors endorsed and highly advertised. Recommended “diet” products, “light” burgers, “vitamins enriched” snacks - if you fall for them don’t feel bad. Almost everybody fall for them. But is the same junk in a new disguise. I explained here what the “healthy diet” should be.dr farin

Nobody can really dare to challenge a way of life, and that is the real reason behind the only 5% of people losing weight. The junk food sells very well, the weight loss industry only grows and we feel good taking action for our weight loss goal. As for results…a whole bunch of scientists are searching and researching why we keep getting fatter year after year. This also makes a lot of money.

So when you start a new diet, you should know what you’re up against. The chances are you will gloriously fail because the working factors against your diet are too strong. You have to be informed, to be strong, willing to made some sacrifices and to change your whole mindset about what dieting means.

Then you may have a chance to lose weight.