Study finds organic food is no better on vitamins or nutrients

Study finds organic food is no better on vitamins or nutrients

Organic foods are more expensive and can be hard to find, so are they really worth the extra cost and effort? A new study has found that they may not be, particularly when it comes to the amount of vitamins and nutrients in the foods. As expected, there were some differences, especially in terms of amount of detectable pesticide found on the food, but these levels were well within safe ranges for all foods. What do you think? Check out the article below and let us know. Image source: … [Read more...]hammer of thor

Losing weight after menopause is hard for many reasons, including altered hormone levels and typically decreased energy expenditure, so what is the best way to keep the weight off? According to a new study, the best long term solution is to not only stay away from the fried foods, but to also increase your intake of fruit and vegetables. Have a read and let me know what you think. Image source: shows that the women who were most successful at keeping … [Read more...]

Good news if you''re not a gym junkie or a marathon runner - a new study has found that 30 minutes of exercise per day is just as good as 1 hour of exercise per day when it comes to weight loss. There are some good reasons why this may be the case, which you will find in the article, but if finding time to exercise is difficult for you, then this is great news. Once you''ve checked the article out, let me know what you think. Image source: you want to lose … [Read more...]

For many people, excess tummy fat is a problem that they want to fix as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it is always easier said than done. There are, however, some simple tricks that can help. Check out the article below for 10 tips for a flatter stomach. Image source: Encourage your abs to come out of hiding with these surprisingly simple flat-belly tricks Continue Reading Source: Rss … [Read more...]

You already know that getting a good night''s sleep is important for optimal body function, but there is now some scientific evidence showing that getting enough rest can actually help you lose weight. Getting the right amount of good sleep has many other health benefits as well, so for your body''s sake, sleep right! Image source:, so you canât lose weight just by sleeping if you eat doughnuts five times a day and never leave your couch. But, it turns … [Read more...]

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Support can help you lose weight

Losing weight can be a very daunting challenge and you may feel very alone when trying to do so. However this need not be the case. There is a lot of help out there in the form of support groups specially designed to help support people who are trying to lose weight. These groups can come in many different forms. Several are widely available within your own community and you can turn up each week and socialise with people who are in a similar situation who are trying to lose weight. A … [Read more...]

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Stir fry for healthy meals

If you are trying to lose weight, you may have dramatically changed the amounts and types of foods you are eating. However there are some methods of cooking that can sneak in extra calories, so in order to keep your meal as healthy as possible it is always best to use cooking methods which will reduce fat and contribute to your weight loss and healthy living. Cooking at home is perfect as you are in control of the way food is made and how it is cooked. One way is to throw away all … [Read more...]

You''ve worked hard to stay healthy all week only to blow it all on an extravagant weekend of eating, drinking and partying. Sound familiar? If it does, then check out these handy hints for having fun while still staying healthy on the weekend. Your body will thank you come Monday! Image source: Beth W. Orenstein Medically reviewed by Niya Jones, M.D., M.P.H. When Friday at 5 hits, it can be tempting to splurge at happy hour with coworkers or simply pick up a … [Read more...]

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Meditation to decrease stress and improve well-being

A fantastic way to help improve a sense of well being is meditation. There are so many benefits to meditating and these results have proven to be an effective way of enhancing a person’s life by their physical, emotion and mental well being. Meditating is very easy to do and can be done as a group session or alone at home. It is very cheap and very effective. If you do not fancy attending a class to be shown how to meditate there are various books and DVDs available on the market to provide … [Read more...]